Superpower Days

Yesterday we launched a new offering: Superpower Days – give your company a superpower!

We believe that all companies already have these superpowers, but they need to be brought out in to the light. We do that by organising superpower sessions in your company. They take different shapes:

  • Knowledge Day is in the shape of an unconference. What’s that? Well, it’s basically a conference where the content is created by the participants. A fun and inspiring way to share knowledge and insights. We film the entire day to give you an archive of knowledge.
  • Action Days are focused on quickly building something new and to bring it to potential customers. We want to remove the mental hurdles that prevents your employees from trying out new ideas.
  • Growth Day helps your product team focus on growth. Using the Lean Growth Canvas you get help building your growth team, asking the right questions, finding the right metrics and deciding on the right actions.
  • Explore Day is about discovering new business opportunities.

Ready to go KAPOW and get super?

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