What We Do

We help enterprises and entrepreneurs launch awesome new products and make them grow.

We do this in two ways:

Enterprise Innovation & Growth

In our Enterprise track, we work inside a business with innovation and growth. We do this in two ways.

Kick-off days

Innovation Kick-off Day in the shape of an internal hackathon.
Knowledge Day in the shape of an internal video-archived unconference.
Growth Kick-off Day where we help you set up and launch an internal growth team.
Exploration Kick-off Day helps you get started

We also help establishing a Startup Studio mindset inside a company with the following components:

  • Skills and training for the employees.
  • A governance model for tracking innovations, rewarding progress and manage the teams.
  • Culture forming activities to encourage risk taking and innovation.
  • The shaping of a physical space to host the studio.
  • A set of tools and methods to work with experiment driven innovation.

We help with coaching, training, workshops or a full implementation of an in-house startup studio ready to explore and innovate at the speed of a startup.

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Open Innovation & Growth

In our Open track we organise startup competitions, hackathons and other types of events. They all have one thing in common: helping entrepreneurs (be they internal in a larger organisations or own their own) succeed.

We organise:

As often as we can, we try to bridge the gap between established businesses and startup entrepreneurs as they can be so beneficial to each other.

Hack för Maten (the Food hackathon) and Healthy Habits the startup competition and accelerator are two examples.

Want to know more? Contact us for questions and enquiries.