Be a #firstcustomer!

The most stockphotoish photo of sales I could find…

This week we’re co-organising the event Internet Discovery Day (IDD) in Malmö.

It’s the third installment of the event in Malmö (it’s been running in Stockholm, Luleå and Gothenburg as well). The focus of the event is on early stage investments. The event setup is like a very low key, garage-feel exhibition of startups. The photos here of IDD14 pretty much says it all.

While investments are good, customers are better! That’s why we at Startup Studio will take the opportunity to launch the ‪#‎firstcustomer‬ initiative on IDD this Wednesday.

What’s that you may ask?

Well, we promise to buy the products or services from at least one startup pitching at the event for at least 10’000SEK.

That’s right – we will be a #firstcustomer!

We challenge all the other more established companies in the Malmö Startups ecosystem to do the same.
Let’s start a #firstcustomer revolution! Help a startup in a way that matters: become a customer!

There are over 40 startups signed up so picking one to buy from should be easy.

We strongly believe that real customers give much more value than investors for the vast majority of startups. It has the bonus benefit of actually attracting investors, so getting customers is really a double win for a startup.

That’s why we’re happy to support a startup by being a #firstcustomer. Join us! (You are of course free to set the amount to anything you want including 0 and just pay with your time. Anyone can be a #firstcustomer!)

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