Action Academy

These are the building blocks of our passions & true beliefs. When it comes to building business & growth with a competitive edge, that is. Do you want to make them part of yours? Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to know what to do next? Let us know which building blocks that is of interest to you, and as such could be a start for your journey towards individual, organizational & business growth. We can take a workout or two together within these areas, and then take it from there…:

Strategic experimentation & Business Execution 2.0
…or is it 3.0? Build, measure & learn the value proposition based on the why, how & what of the real customer. It’s about the cycle of continuous re-configuration and then seizing the opportunity when emerging. To know when to re-configure, and know when to seize. And these questions and hypotheses are best answered by the customer, directly in the development work as result of the ongoing co-creation activities.
By turning the invaluable customer feedback process into an ongoing dialogue in a highly efficient co-creation process, we take one-sided assumptions and (educated) best guesses to direct questions in form of hypotheses that can be validated (or invalidated) in a continuously ongoing conversation with our customers.
  • Lean/Agile UX – Get true UX work, the lean way, into your lean/agile development process.
  • Lean Startup – The business execution platform for Corporations. The lean way to a valid customer experience, value proposition & business model re-generation.
  • Agile development & True Product Ownership
  • Trendwatching & Discovering Emerging Behaviors & Technology. Signal detection, pattern recognition & pattern mapping.
  • Creativity & Exploring the Place of Possibilities. Taking skunk works out of the closet and given due value.
  • Social Media – What’s in it for us? – Digital Innovation practitioners, the Digital Sandbox – Play, Listen, Invent & Deploy
  • Product development & Innovation – Relationship & Dependencies, the why, what & how.
  • Strategic Ideation tools & methods
  • Growth Hacking – E.g. Content marketing, Viral Marketing, SEO/SEM, Onboarding.
Behavioral science in an action framework
…in modern ways of working. Levels of abstraction and concreteness & the jumps in between. Conversation & emergent behavior. Individual differences & common ground. Desire, goal & motivation. Intention, action & behavior. These are core ‘engine parts’ that is in need of a bit of tweaking and tuning to be fully optimized and utilized for running a high performance engine.
  • The 4 C:s – Culture, Communication, Collaboration & Customer
  • Efficient Communication & Collaboration in rapid change – Tools & methods
  • Decision making in rapid change – enable rapid but qualitative decision making in a high paced environment by continuously be open to validated learning and the knowledge that failing fast can be a valuable resource for game-changing learning on the way to a competitive edge.
  • From understanding to action – Bridging the knowing-doing gap… Thinking Vs Experiencing
  • Change… From talk to culture