The Team

Meet the team behind the studio.


Erik Starck. CEO. Born 1976. Started his first company in 1998 (exit in 2000) and has been in love with entreprenurship since then. Has spent the last few years organising events for startups, including the Startup Dojo in Malmö. M.Sc. Software Engineering (1999). LinkedIn. Twitter.

Peter Berggren. Born 1971. With a passion for people and creative environments, Peters’ main focus is on making the Studio a place where you can achieve wonders and create magic. A long time UX & Human Computer Interaction specialist, and as such a passionate practitioner & believer of strategic experimentation, customer development & experience design. Has a few startups behind him, both as CEO & co-founder.
(Ps. Often talks in his sleep, and the words most often heard are “Communicating, collaborating & co-creating with colleagues & customers is the essence of every story of success & growth…! For both business & individual”)

Stefan Mossberg. Born 1956. Stefan has studied sports science and marketing and has a great passion for sports and health and long experience in entrepreneurship, concept development, events, marketing and brand building. He has successfully started and built up and run companies and departments within the ICT sector, for example in IT / Web, events- and advertising, sports and health industry.

Richard Houltz. Born 1971, A technical and people oriented visionary with success from several companies and a few startups. Focuses on new ways to enable teams to create great services and products.

Cenito Software AB. A software innovation company with focus on the user experience of software services and products. Main sponsor of the Studio.